On 13/02/2015 jan i wrote:
Should we move to a full git repo, making it easier for new developers to
participate (although it is in no way a guarantee, that it will attract new
people) by lowering the barrier.

(Sorry if you already got this message: I'm experiencing problems and delays with Apache e-mails this weekend)

So, from what I can understand, the GIT repository would only replace these three directories:

(which would become the master branch)
(which would become GIT branches and tags respectively).

All the rest in http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/openoffice/ would stay unchanged and continue to be managed through SVN, which means that this has no impact on people who work on the site and on translators who commit files.

I am OK with the change but we should wait for the opinion of the other committers who routinely commit to the above directories, since they are the only ones who will see an impact.

Note that it is known, from previous conversations, that this will require some scripts to be adapted. One of them is the SVNBot that sends notifications to Bugzilla depending on commit messages. Another one is the script that generates filenames and metadata for the buildbots http://ci.apache.org/projects/openoffice/index.html and now relies on the SVN revision number. Nothing impossible of course, but we need to be aware of it.


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