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I'm just curious  about these statements. Have potential new developers
remarked on this to you?
Since most IDEs support a variety of version control mechanisms, I'm
wondering how the suggestion to switch to git might have emerged. But,
again, I have never used git and it might be the coolest thing ever -- I
have NO idea! :)

   I think there are many developers who only use Git and clamor for the
   familiar.  There is also tool religion involved.

   It takes some brain rewiring to get your head around how git works for
   an user, but it becomes easy after that. 

   The plus is that every working copy has the entire history, not just
   the latest of things.  Synchronizing with a master is an interesting
   process, and handling branches is particularly easy if you are careful.
   Collisions are handled in an intriguing way too.

   It is easy to start a branch in a working copy for testing an idea
   and getting it working, then merging it back to the main branch 
   before synchronizing with an upstream master.  This doesn't clutter
   the upstream and if you are careful to keep pulling down any changes
   from upstream before merging your branch, it can go very nicely.

   I did a Microsoft Virtual Academy on-line class on Git support in
   Visual Studio.  That was a trip.

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