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Why not move web development as well as the code development into Git?
+1 any Git.

the staging machine is relying on SVN. So, moving to Git would make changes on the website impossible - until someone rewrites the code that is doing the staging and publishing, so that it is (maybe additionally) also working with Git.

Thats what I heard. It doesn't need to be the full truth but sounds logic for me. ;-)


On Mar 1, 2015, at 6:59 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton<>  wrote:

I'm going to add my +1 to this proposal.

It occurred to me, when looking into the "old OOo SVN dumps" that Rob has, that 
there may be many more downstream users that are on Git and that our being on Git would 
facilitate accepting appropriately-offered pull requests to the AOO repository.  It seems 
this is a lower-friction way of sending fixes upstream than going the patch creation and 
submission route.

- Dennis

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If possible to get a git repo only it make sense. That means we don't
have to move any webpage related stuff into git. Just the pure code is
relevant her.

+1 for a git repo


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