OSCON 2015 is near upon us.

I am offering to do booth duty again this year.  I had a great time and am 
happy to do it again.

I have one request.

Can we have bigger Apache OpenOffice buttons?  The little ones are nice, but I 
find they are difficult to put one.

The design need not change, but it would be good to have bigger ones.  Is that 
easy to accomplish?

 - Dennis

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Hi Kay,

What kind of project giveaways are you thinking of? Let me know - I'll be more 
than happy to accommodate this if I can.  Please be sure to contact brand 
management if approval is needed!!!

As Ross mentioned, I'm the primary booth staffer, but there are always a 
handful of volunteers that help at the booth (staffing during breaks/lunch and 
help with the setup/teardown).  Shane will be my sidekick at the booth this 
year.  If you or others from your project will be attending OSCON and would 
like to be present at the booth at a specific time to talk to the attendees, 
just let me know.  We could always send out a broadcast via social media about 
"stop by the ASF's booth at XXX to speak with the reps from Project XXX".  That 
goes for the other projects as well!!

It's always great to have someone from the community at the booth to answer 
technical questions!!

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Have a great day - speak soon,


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We have foundation giveaways but generally not specific projects (the table
isn't big enough;-)

Usually we just have Melissa staff it and answer general questions about
the ASF. Wherever possible she connects people asking about specific
projects to attendees at the conference.

In theory we could be more organized giving specific projects a time slot
for example. But we would someone to help Melissa manage this.

If there is something you would like to do let us know.

On 19 June 2014 17:08, k...@apache.org <ksch...@apache.org> wrote:

> I just saw in the May Board minutes that Apache has applied for a booth
> at OSCON.
> Can we get a small update on this? Should projects provide give-aways of
> some sort if we have them? What's typically handled at the Apache booth
> at OSCON.

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