The AOO Forum vm could do with an upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 and be defined in
the new puppet structure. Defining it in the new puppet structure has the
advantage that Infra can roll a new vm in case of problems, and thereby
reducing downtime.

The AOO Wiki vm is in strong need of a reconfiguration and update (Ubuntu
14.04 see above). Currently there is a ATS running on the same vm in front
of the mediawiki (django) application. The ATS veersion is no longer
supported by the traffic server project. Running it on a separate vm (or
even as the HTPPS proxy) has a lot of merit, but it has not been done.

As I am reducing my engagement in the project, this might be a good time
for a new maintainer to step up. The actual maintenance is  about 1 hour pr

I would like to help a new maintainer understand the setup, and also have
no problem continuing having access to the vm´s so I can help as
backstopper in case of problems.

I believe it is better for the project to have a person that is active in
the project, and participates on the mailing lists than one who do not read
the ML.

thoughts (or volunteers) ?

jan i.

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