On 11/09/2015 jan i wrote:
I see this mail goes public on dev@ which seems to have changed a lot

I was answering your mail sent to dev.

Your description sounds ok (at least for a sales brochure), reality might
be a bit more complicated but not that much.

Well, you had stated here that maintenance takes 1 hour per month and I asked if we could have some details on how that hour is spent so that people would be able to understand if they could help.

However you avoid the real  problem, the upgrade

I did it once. I know it is painful due to the setup and I wouldn't put a new person on it. I mean, if someone joins the team they are more likely to start with the ordinary updates that take one hour per month, not with the upgrade of an application which is configured (for legacy reasons) in a very peculiar way with lots of pitfalls.

nor do I want to interfere in talks between the AOO chair and Infra.

Neither do I, and I am not aware of the contents (if any) of such talks.

naturally I am available for help when needed

Good, thanks! I remembered that we still have some updates pending that are not real application updates (like changing the forum homepage, the static one; so not even a sysadmin task) and it helps to know that someone may help in getting them online once they are ready.


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