I see this mail goes public on dev@ which seems to have changed a lot into
a single person deciding what happens (or at least what is
communicated outside the project). This is of course only my opinon as one
who do not follow the project closely, but I respond accordingly.

If the AOO project finds it easier to define "ordinary maintenance" then
please do so, there are lots of references in the archives as to what that
means, written by myself and other PMC members. If you have specific
questions I am happy to help.

Your description sounds ok (at least for a sales brochure), reality might
be a bit more complicated but not that much. However you avoid the real
problem, the upgrade, in my private opinion the servers need an makeover
for security reasons, but that is my personal opinion (to any hackers: the
servers are currently well protected from the outside due to the https
structure that infra prefers to use)

I understand from other lists, which I cannot refer to, that the AOO chair
(I have not seen it confirmed anywhere from the PMC) is talking with infra,
so I do not understand the background for your question, nor do I want to
interfere in talks between the AOO chair and Infra.

As I have said many times I am part of Infra and part of apache, so
naturally I am available for help when needed, but please do not use me as
a go-between infra and the project.

jan i

On Friday, September 11, 2015, Andrea Pescetti <pesce...@apache.org> wrote:

> On 14/08/2015 jan i wrote:
>> this might be a good time for a new maintainer to step up.
>> The actual maintenance is  about 1 hour pr month.
> Coming back to this, it is likely to be easier to find someone if we
> define this "ordinary maintenance" better. I mean, updating the application
> takes surely more than 1 hour but that is "extraordinary maintenance".

> What falls in the "ordinary maintenance"? Login to the VM, say, every few
> days, apt-get upgrade, taking a look at the logs and basic system health
> indicators? If these are the tasks then expanding the team with one extra
> volunteer will look less daunting than upgrading the forum to the latest
> version, which is made very complex by the extremely complicated setup we
> inherited from the pre-Apache era.
> Note: I did read the companion thread too, but still it didn't get into
> concrete maintenance tasks.
> By the way, Jan let me thank you in public for the infrastructure work:
> unfortunately, like all sysadmin tasks, if one does a good job it doesn't
> show since everything just keeps working and people forget that this is due
> to someone properly administering them.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.

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