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> On 14/08/2015 jan i wrote:
>> this might be a good time for a new maintainer to step up.
>> The actual maintenance is  about 1 hour pr month.
> Coming back to this, it is likely to be easier to find someone if we
> define this "ordinary maintenance" better. I mean, updating the application
> takes surely more than 1 hour but that is "extraordinary maintenance".
> What falls in the "ordinary maintenance"? Login to the VM, say, every few
> days, apt-get upgrade, taking a look at the logs and basic system health
> indicators? If these are the tasks then expanding the team with one extra
> volunteer will look less daunting than upgrading the forum to the latest
> version, which is made very complex by the extremely complicated setup we
> inherited from the pre-Apache era.
> Note: I did read the companion thread too, but still it didn't get into
> concrete maintenance tasks.
> By the way, Jan let me thank you in public for the infrastructure work:
> unfortunately, like all sysadmin tasks, if one does a good job it doesn't
> show since everything just keeps working and people forget that this is due
> to someone properly administering them.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.

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