Phillip Rhodes wrote:
All of the above said, maybe we should drop this whole discussion

Well, it remains the fact that "OpenOffice moribund" is false.

The primary sources cited in the article (all of which are clearly misinterpreted) are: - A message from Juergen saying that he won't be Release Manager for 4.1.2; release managers are appointed per-release, so this is not relevant to the health of the project (actually Juergen's mail is very well-written, and very hard to misinterpret if one read carefully) - A message from Kay saying that we had not found a new volunteer for Release Manager yet; this is obsolete as we have now had a Release Manager (me) for several weeks, but no account is given of this. - My January 2015 report to Board. I'm sure I never wrote that OpenOffice is moribund or anything similar. I announced my resignation in that report, but I resigned as I had been 2 years in the role, just like Dennis plans to stay one year and then resign.

shipping code is more important than Wikipedia anyway, right?

Yes, but it is also important that users and potential users are not scared away.

So, what can I do to help with 4.1.2?

I like your approach! Are you looking for coder or non-coder tasks? I suggest that you seek inspiration at but if you need more details just open a "What can I do to help with 4.1.2?" discussion and I'll be happy to give more details.

In the meantime I could go to Wikipedia, write that Johnny Depp is moribund and provide as source a blog post by a fan who complains that she hasn't seen Johnny as handsome as usual in his last public appearance... but I'll spend my time on more productive activities instead. I understand Dennis' point that discussing actions of one individual on Wikipedia is off-topic on this list, but still I wanted to provide some feedback on how messages sent to this list are misused.


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