One of the great things about FOSS is the tight connection
between users and developers. After all, most developers are
users that have an itch to scratch.

If there are things that the user community wants, then
chances are good that developers will be jazzed about working
on them, or, at least, the pool of potential developers
might be increased.

But open source, and open source projects, should not be
run in a normal, corporate s/w development mode, where some
"entity" decides what features are needed, etc... We should
be in touch with what our users, and our potential users, want.

> On Sep 9, 2016, at 1:53 PM, Jorg Schmidt <> wrote:
>> From: Jim Jagielski [] 
>>> LibreOffice has a list of big ideas, called "crazy ideas", at
>>> These require big effort and it would be great if an office suite
>>> would implement them.
>>> Notable examples are
>>> 1. multi process instances
>>> 2. split MSOffice support in library
>>> Picking one of those and implementing it, would allow to 
>> differentiate.
>> Why not ask our user community?
> Yes, that would be a theoretically good way, but I fear that's in practice a 
> very
> complicated subject.
> Let me formulate in short: open source communities work mostly meritocratic, 
> not
> democratic
> Jorg
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