Marcus wrote:
> Am 10/13/2016 08:18 PM, schrieb Keith N. McKenna:
>> With the announcement of the Release of version 4.1.3 that revision
>> should be added to Bugzilla so that bugs can be reported against it.
>> Currently only 4.1.3-dev is active and for latest confirmation on the
>> latest available is 4.1.2
> right, I'll do this as next task. However, this needs definetely added
> as important task to the cookbook. Will you do this?
> You just need to add some text. Don't care about formatting or order. We
> will do this later when everything (hopefully ;-) ) is there.
> Hey, it's a great idea when you would coordinate the creation of this
> cookbook. Then you learn more about the whole process, can add opinions
> from your point of view, etc.
> What do you think?
> Thanks
> Marcus
Can do for both.


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