Am 10/15/2016 11:18 AM, schrieb Jörg Schmidt:

I can see that the English press release is to be published in the blog.

1. Is it really only published there? Is there no press distributor(*) at the 

(*) in german: "Presseverteiler"

I pretty sure it was not only a blog post but also a mail to several press agencies and similar recipients.

This is managed by Sally as current ASF press representative. To be sure you can ask her to get the answer you want. AFAIK we don't know these details.

2. Where will the translated press releases be published?
in the wiki and they should be linked to the local pages (for example

It depends on what we want. But the work done for the 4.1.3 announcements seems to me a good step forward to a solution.


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