On 15/10/2016 Marcus wrote:
Am 10/14/2016 09:01 AM, schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
Keith N. McKenna wrote:
Pedro wrote:
Currently version 4.1.2 still reports that it "is up to date" ...
The change to the update script is usually done several days after...
I plan to update script data during the weekend.

This is now done, only for 4.1.2 to 4.1.3; I'll later do all 4.x.y to 4.1.3, but this is likely to be a minority of users. So all OpenOffice 4.1.2 users are now expected to receive a notification depending on their OpenOffice settings (monthly notification, weekly notification, daily notification, never).

The delay was caused by a need for updating the Release notes to explain better how to circumvent Gatekeeper in the new Mac OS X Sierra - the instructions we had applied to older versions only.


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