Hi Pedro,

Am 20.03.22 um 18:44 schrieb Pedro Lino:
> Hi Matthias
>> On 03/20/2022 5:22 PM Matthias Seidel <matthias.sei...@hamburg.de> wrote:
>>> Thank you for the quick answer and solution. Unfortunately I have no idea 
>>> on how to backport a commit from trunk. Can you/someone please do that?
>> I will try. At least the ORbit patch looks easy...
> Excellent! Thanks!

The ORbit patch is in.



This patch makes GIO default, is that available on CentOS 5?

If yes, I am ready to commit it to AOO41X.

>>> During compiling I realized that our build process now requires epm 5.0.0 
>>> but the bootstrap still downloads epm 3.7
>>> Manually downloading epm 5 from
>>> https://github.com/jimjag/epm/archive/v5.0.0.tar.gz
>>> and renaming to 8ce02a315807bd406b5de85ccf63e7fb-epm-5.0.0 worked 
>>> Can you/someone please fix the bootstrap issue?
>> First of all, which version do you want to build?
>> For AOO41X we use epm 3.7 for trunk/AOO42X we use epm 5.
> Ah, yes forgot that detail :) I built 42X to test the empty/not-empty items
> Can bootstrap download both versions and the correct one is used during 
> compiling? (Please remember I'm not a programmer so if this suggestion is 
> stupid, just ignore it)

Bootstrap is part of the build process, so it always downloads the
appropriate version needed for the branch.



> Best,
> Pedro
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