Allen Pulsifer wrote:

> Just to follow up on this question, what in particular does the NOTINCHOOSER
> flag do?  In testing, and in examining the source code, it appears to do
> nothing.  In contrast, the NOTINFILEDIALOG hides the format in all dialogs,
> including File | Open, File | Save As and File | Export.  I'm using OOo
> v2.0.4 en-us under WinXP.

NOTINCHOOSER excludes it from the filter dialog, the awful dialog you
get when OOo can't find a filter.

About the documentation: I'm sure we had one, but I can't ask the
developer who should have provided it as he is on vacation until end of
next week.

I can just sum up what comes into my mind, hope I don't miss one:

Import                  - should be self explaining
Export                  - should be self explaining
Alien                   - no zip container based format
Own                     - one of the OOo file formats
Template                - deprecated
Preferred               - preferred filter for a particular type
Asynchron               - deprecated, only HTML-filter isn't synchron
3rdPartyFilter          - implemented as a UNO component
TemplatePath            - filter for a documenttemplate
Default                 - default filter for this document type
NotInFileDialog         - should be self explaining
NotInChooser            - as above


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