Mathias Bauer schrieb:
Allen Pulsifer wrote:

Just to follow up on this question, what in particular does the NOTINCHOOSER
flag do?  In testing, and in examining the source code, it appears to do
nothing.  In contrast, the NOTINFILEDIALOG hides the format in all dialogs,
including File | Open, File | Save As and File | Export.  I'm using OOo
v2.0.4 en-us under WinXP.

NOTINCHOOSER excludes it from the filter dialog, the awful dialog you
get when OOo can't find a filter.

About the documentation: I'm sure we had one, but I can't ask the
developer who should have provided it as he is on vacation until end of
next week.

I'm back .-)
And here my answer. The list of filter flags was documented inside the Developers Guide. Please have a look on the chapter "6.2.4 Integrating Import and Export Filters" of "";.

Note: The meaning of "Default" was changed slightly inbetween.

Old meaning was:
default filter for saving
(in case no other filter was specified via API) ...
could be set via "Tools->Options->Load/Save"

New meaning is:
newest and most actual filter for this document type
as e.g. AutoSave it needs to guarantee saving of documents without loosing any information (as e.g. ALIEN formats can have)

I can just sum up what comes into my mind, hope I don't miss one:

Import                  - should be self explaining
Export                  - should be self explaining
Alien                   - no zip container based format
Own                     - one of the OOo file formats
Template                - deprecated
Preferred               - preferred filter for a particular type
Asynchron               - deprecated, only HTML-filter isn't synchron
3rdPartyFilter          - implemented as a UNO component
TemplatePath            - filter for a documenttemplate
Default                 - default filter for this document type
NotInFileDialog         - should be self explaining
NotInChooser            - as above



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