Hi Gerd,

nice to hear your heartbeat for tagtransform. Take a look at the GitHub
where I wrote down the infrastructure I'm planning. There I mention also the 
use of bot script to automatically collect rules from various validators and 
rule databases and to convert these to the format tagtransform uses to unify 
data from different sources. This allows the modification and the convert back 
to all the other formats used by different programs. This way we create a 
sustainable and good ecosystem of validation rules.

The way the team I want to set up communicates and exchanges is GitHub
and Slack. On GitHub we will first work in my repository, later on we
can create an organisation and move the repo. In Slack I need to create
a workplace and figure out how moderation in Slack works.


Sören Reinecke alias Valor Naram

PS: This content is of public interest that's why this e-mail belongs
to this list.

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Hi all,
What could be the user interface for such a collection of rules?I can
think of a preprocessor like osmfilter or some kind of wiki tool
whichcould add hints to wiki pages.Or maybe a rule generator which
could create rules for a target program likemkgmap?

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