I suspect that due to Docker-in-Docker scenario, it will be easier to use 
java+jar (+local docker) instead of running the jar in a container. 

Today you can start the jar with only java <jar>, but you will need a bunch of 
parameters (probably different per OS?) to run it in a container, I think.
Local docker client is switched per OS here 
I guess this wouldn't apply if running in a container, but it arguably makes 
running the jar simpler than running the container IMHO.
I also suspect you won't get the behavior of launching playground ui to browser 
either, which I would miss. 


´╗┐On 11/9/19, 5:38 AM, "Michele Sciabarra" <mich...@sciabarra.com> wrote:

    Wow. I missed those evolutions. So I guess it should not be hard to package 
it as a docker image. 
    To be able to say to people: execute "docker run -p 8080:8080 
openwhisk/standalone" and enjoy...
    If it is possible I can volounteer to write the dockerfile do that...
    I have a question: does it use the local docker? Where is the invoker?
      Michele Sciabarra
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    Do you mean the standalone controller? 
    > On Nov 9, 2019, at 8:18 AM, Michele Sciabarra <mich...@sciabarra.com> 
    > Hello all, 
    > I remember the discussion about the openwhisk as a single executable that 
includes also Kafka. So I wonder: is it now possible to run (for development 
purposes of course) OpenWhisk as single docker image if we add also couchdb to 
that one? Because I have an use case where even a docker-compose can be 
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