On Wed, 10 Jan 2018, pj.fanning wrote:
I don't fancy trying to merge the xmlbeans and poi ant builds. I've been trying for an hour or more and still getting issues.

There's no need to do this!

We'd keep the two codebases separate, and probably release at different times. (XMLBeans hardly ever, except when we find bugs) All that would happen is that we'd swap the group ID, add POI to the release names, and update the readme etc to refer to POI as the PMC providing the oversight

So, assuming we're releasing it as POI rather than getting it out of the attic:
 * Copy xmlbeans trunk in svn to
 * Merge in the fixes
 * Update the bin/src packages to have poi in them, eg
 * Update the poms to be under org.apache.poi rather than xmlbeans
 * Test, vote, release!

Or, if we want to take xmlbeans out of the attic, we'd do:
 * Vote to take it on
 * Wait for attic PMC to confirm
 * Get infra to unlock svn for xmlbeans
 * Merge in fixes
 * Test, vote, release!


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