We're currently writing a Ranger plugin for an open source virtual database 
driver known as ‘GaianDB’.

We have the basics of a plugin working, but today a colleague tried to setup 
our plugin, and on their ranger install they could not create an instance of 
our ranger service, hitting the error 

"Gaian failed to find service class 
org.apache.ranger.services.gaiandb.RangerServiceGaian. Resource lookup will not 
be available. Please make sure plugin jar is in the correct place.”

I had expected this to be a warning (fair enough), but it actually prevents the 
UI from saving the service instance, and so Gaian related policies cannot be 

They got this on I think a) an old 0.6.x build, and 0.7.1. 
Meanwhile I had been using a HDP 2.6.3 setup, which comes with 0.7.0 and with 
the same service definition did NOT of course hit this error.

We haven’t actually deployed any plugin code to the ranger server (yet) since 
we have not implemented the resource lookup capability. We had though specified 
an implClass in the servicedef. It’s a later task :-)

Looking at the ranger code in ServiceMgr.java it seems as if an empty string 
should cause ranger to use a default class. We tried this, as well as 
specifying the org.apache.ranger.plugin.service.RangerDefaultService class, but 
had the same error in both cases. I was though looking at code in master and 
see there have been a few changes

Any suggestions as to how to persuade 0.7.0 to load the servicedef (other than 
implement the class required, albeit a no-op one…?), or an explanation as to 
why we might see different behaviour?

I’m setting up a ranger install off master to debug/check latest code….

For info the servicedef begins:
  "name": "gaian",
  "implClass": "org.apache.ranger.services.gaiandb.RangerServiceGaian",
  "label": "Gaian",
  "description": "Gaian",
  "options": {
    "enableDenyAndExceptionsInPolicies": "true"
    "guid": "86d10748-e4fc-442b-8991-f6a727054ece",

  "resources": [
The full version can be found in 
<https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/RANGER-1699> - see the latest 
attachment. Not as a patch as currently getting things working in a diff. Build 

If it seems like a bug (rather than a newbie error or specific to hdp) let me 
know and I’ll open a jira!

Many thanks

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