Thanks for getting started on this.  Good to know that Theme is working
for you.  I think we've used Theme in a few other places already like Flat
in case you want to see it working somewhere else.

AIUI, Vivid is just one look-and-feel you and others will provide based on
a new "sub-DOM" within the UI components like TextInput.  Someone will
provide a Wireframe, others will come up with completely different looks.
So it may be that you will create some other SWC called "HighlyStyleable"
and that's where the newly structured components will go, and Vivid and
VividBlue will be more or less just a set of styles and assets to plug
into those sub-DOMs.

It is fine if this work reduces usage of Express.  I don't believe
everyone uses Bootstrap or MDL for every web page.  I believe there are
people who don't need control over every pixel and are happy using the
browser Checkbox as-is.  They will continue to use Express and Basic.

But also, I hope that this styling work ends up being a SWC full of new
Views and no other beads.  And the components are empty subclasses of some
Basic or Express component.  That would be ideal.  It would mean that all
other kinds of beads in Basic can be re-used in these highly-styled
components and that we've put the right boundary around what a View is.
Speak up if it doesn't look like that will be possible.

Finally, I'm wondering how this work, which I think has the goal of
providing a new default look for Royale, relates to the goal of a "truly
skinnable" component set, where just about every pixel would be described
in SVG.  It feels like the sub-DOM approach is similar to the Bootstrap
and MDL technique of allowing customizations that can be described in CSS
operating on the given sub-DOM, which is great.  But is the only way to
truly allow any look to allow SVG to describe every pixel or can it be
done with these sub-DOMs?


PS: Done for tonight.  Will pick this up in my morning.

On 2/11/18, 9:13 AM, " on behalf of Carlos Rovira"
< on behalf of> wrote:

>just let you know that I have the basic structure of Vivid new UI set, a
>first Vivid theme test project and a example for this working.
>Right now nothing relevant as a final results, but Alex advice about
>"theme" compiler option is working for me. The only control in this set of
>projects using all of this is "TextField" vivid control, but now I need to
>implement some concrete look and feel.
>As well, I finaly see what Harbs said about make a new UI set due to html
>structure change. I need to change basic default html structure.
>I think this last is important, and maybe Express could end with no use
>to the lack of more HTML structure in each component.
>Without that is very complicated stylize controls, and without stylizing,
>the UI set is almost useless. If the purpose of Basic and Express is
>the foundation of a third UI set, then that's ok. Just want to notice this
>About my intentions with all of this: First let you know that I'll be
>focusing in make JSOnly controls, and will not spend time with SWF for
>Don't know if this is important for someone right now.
>Finally, "RoyaleThemes" example project can be removed since now is
>useless. I'm working in a new branch "feature/themes". If anyone wants to
>join the effort let me know! (for example make new controls, implements
>Carlos Rovira

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