I just committed first No flat themes in 12 color variations and Light /
Dark versions. These are 36 * 2 projects = 72 projects
Still I must commit the Flat versions this means another 72 theme projects
to make a total of 144 project themes

You will use it using picking up 3 of them (Primary, Secondary and
Emphasized) and normally you'll choose all light/flat, or light/no flat,
and so on... (4 options here)

So these means to build 144 projects. In my machine (MacBook Pro 2014 i7),
these means 6 minutes.

So, until now I use to build "royale-asjs", that means all "frameworks"
project that means "projects" and "themes"

Now my plan is to build "royale-asjs", "projects" or "themes" as I needed,
and rest of you (not working on themes), should run"royale-asjs" when
needed and most of the time run "projects", to skip overhead of build
themes, since you'll have already the latest CSS that I generate and

Another options we can do is make themes separate build from framework
projects the same as "examples" since you mostly will not need to
regenerate each time all that 144 CSS files.

Let me know what you prefer.


Carlos Rovira

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