Hi Alex,

not sure if we are talking about the same problem. I think 1 CSS - 1
project theme relation is ok. maybe as I progress with jewel and its themes
we would need to put some code or assets, and so it's ok to have that
structure. In the other hand, I choose to break a theme in three pieces
(themes) so  people could combine it. so as well is ok to me.

the main problem I arise here is about compilation times due to lots of
themes begin added to the build.
and that maybe we don't need to have themes wired to the build to projects,
the same as examples is separated.
That's my main point, separate themes in the same way we have examples.

The rest for me is optimal

To give an example, I just run the SASS compilation only to showcase
effects and upload in my latest commit

c4b337fb9b7c4d1f1739cb7cfee769e09f24f5a8 (example of batch themes update
based on SASS compilation)

This commit upgrade all CSS to remove the Firefox specific inner outline:

1) This is optimal since only touching in JewelTheme, we ensure we can
easily update the rest of themes
2) As I'm the only one working on themes, I can change things and commit
the final CSS (as the latest commit) so others that doesn't use maven, can
use directly the final generated CSS.
3) All people, using ANT or MAVEN must deal with a theme just like other
library and must to compile it to a .SWC as we did the same in the Flex
world. I don't think a .CSS file alone will be ok, since as I said before
the theme can be composed of only a .CSS and as well have many other files
(images, classes, fonts, and more)

2018-04-09 17:34 GMT+02:00 Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com.invalid>:

> Hi Carlos,
> Seems like a separate Maven profile and/or Ant target should run SASS to
> generate the .css files.  There is no requirement from other Royale code
> for the themes to be built into SWCs.  You can specify a .CSS file or a
> .SWC file as a theme.  It is only for Maven that theme CSS files are built
> into SWCs and that is only because I didn't want to take the time to
> figure out how to make a CSS file a valid Maven artifact. I still don't
> want to take that time.  Maybe you can figure it out.  Then I think this
> build problem will mostly go away.
> HTH,
> -Alex
> On 4/9/18, 7:32 AM, "carlos.rov...@gmail.com on behalf of Carlos Rovira"
> <carlos.rov...@gmail.com on behalf of carlosrov...@apache.org> wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I just committed first No flat themes in 12 color variations and Light /
> >Dark versions. These are 36 * 2 projects = 72 projects
> >Still I must commit the Flat versions this means another 72 theme projects
> >to make a total of 144 project themes
> >
> >You will use it using picking up 3 of them (Primary, Secondary and
> >Emphasized) and normally you'll choose all light/flat, or light/no flat,
> >and so on... (4 options here)
> >
> >So these means to build 144 projects. In my machine (MacBook Pro 2014 i7),
> >these means 6 minutes.
> >
> >So, until now I use to build "royale-asjs", that means all "frameworks"
> >project that means "projects" and "themes"
> >
> >Now my plan is to build "royale-asjs", "projects" or "themes" as I needed,
> >and rest of you (not working on themes), should run"royale-asjs" when
> >needed and most of the time run "projects", to skip overhead of build
> >themes, since you'll have already the latest CSS that I generate and
> >committed.
> >
> >Another options we can do is make themes separate build from framework
> >projects the same as "examples" since you mostly will not need to
> >regenerate each time all that 144 CSS files.
> >
> >Let me know what you prefer.
> >
> >thanks
> >
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