You are right. I missed this.

What is the minimum change necessary to get this to work?

> On May 17, 2018, at 12:24 PM, Carlos Rovira <> wrote:
>  I think you missed one important point I
> posted in other email: All blog post samples posted that are using the
> actual names, packages and namespaces. If you release 0.9.3 without all
> that, we can destroy out credibility since in all posts we have:
> "The example uses the new Jewel UI set that supports themes. Jewel will be
> available in the forthcoming 0.9.3 release of Royale. In the meanwhile you
> can find it in the develop branch."
> and the code is tailored with the actual api.
> For that reason, I think is important to hold 0.9.3 until it can ship with
> all that we are promising in website and social networks for the latest 2
> months. I think this is crucial.

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