Hi Carlos,

If I understand you correctly, you removed public and added abstract.
However, you should not remove public. Your new declaration should probably
look like this:

public abstract class TextInputBase extends StyledUIBase implements

If this does not seem to help, can you share the full error message?

Josh Tynjala
Bowler Hat LLC <https://bowlerhat.dev>

On Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 2:21 AM Carlos Rovira <carlosrov...@apache.org>

> Hi Josh,
> after cleaning Jewel TextInput classes, I tried to change TextInputBase
> from public to abstract class.
> The reason is that while Simple** classes (like Jewel SimpleButton or
> SimpleRemoteObject), are a reduced case of a class named without "Simple"
> (in the example "Button", and most users would want to use just "Button",
> so this name strategy seems very good to me, exposing the most used class
> with the expected name and a simple one with that prefix).
> Others like TextInputBase (with suffix **Base) are just a base class for
> other classes like TextInput and TextArea and should not be used as a
> component,
> so in this way of thinking seems reasonable to mark it as "abstract".
> When doing that little change (switch public for abstract at level class in
> TextInputBase), when compile Jewel SWC, a bunch of errors appear,
> so is not clear to me if I'm doing something wrong, or I'm missing
> something.
> Hope you can give some light on this.
> Thanks.
> --
> Carlos Rovira
> http://about.me/carlosrovira

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