> Hi Carsten,
> It looks like we have a different classpath when it fails and when it
> doesn't
> Maybe you can put a mvn dependency:tree in the job and check how it looks
> in the two cases.
> Also, AFAIK the fact that the maven dependency resolution mechanism puts
> the ones defined in the project pom and replaces the transient ones is an
> implementation detail. Or it was not enforced in maven 2. Or something like
> that. Or maybe I'm wrong :) anyway, it would make sense to see the maven
> version in the two cases, in case the job is run on different jenkins
> slaves.
> #

The error on Jenkins is different than the one I had and if we're going
to split out the Jenkins jobs, then we can have a look again.



Carsten Ziegeler
Adobe Research Switzerland

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