>But we have to think about other providers as well, what if I use the
>mongo resource provider? Can we make the same guarantees? We have an
>abstraction and have to come up with a solution that always works
>without exceptions.

when speaking oft he nosql resource providers based on the generic abstraction 
[1] - this is not possible today, but would be possible to implement in a 
generic way with only a little help from the implementations per nosql database.
but it would have a performance impact, because currently all resources in a 
subtree are removed using a pattern query, not caring how many with which 

but same as oak with compacting - with this implementation it would not be 
possible for the application listener to implement the filtering on their side, 
because only one delete event for the root node is sent.


[1] http://sling.apache.org/documentation/bundles/nosql-resource-providers.html

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