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> On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 6:18 PM, Carsten Ziegeler <> 
> wrote:
>> The listeners we have are really just interested in paths
> Path is one aspect. There must be other aspect like change in specific
> property name like sling:alias etc.

I think the most expensive one at the moment is the MapEntries listener
in resource resolver which checks for vanity path and alias properties.
So this is listening on add/remove/change of those properties.

The other use case is where a listener is interested in a resource type
- but that can't be done on Oak level as you would need to know the
resource type hierarchy and other logic to detect the resource type.

So, if we want to do this, we might add a hint for property names.
I wouldn't go with a general filter string, like LDAP filter - as this
creates problems on both sides: these filters are not rocket science but
it's a little bit hard to write them, especially if they get long. And a
provider implementation needs to parse and handle them.
I would rather go with a "property names filter hint" - and if we detect
other use cases we add another property for that.


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