Dominik Süß wrote
> For me one of the most interesting filters for "native" filtering would be
> based on ResourceType (& RT changes). Optimally we would even have the
> option to filter by ResourceType and its SubTypes - but detecting the
> subtypes is something that would go beyond a hint (basically preprocessing
> a hint to "unfold" it into all of the subtypes to watch out for).
> I guess within the ResourceTypes the best practice would go into the
> direction of SubTyping whenever the group covered is too generic and needs
> to be treated differently.
Yes, and as mentioned a check based on a resource type is not that easy,
you need to check the resource type property, the super type property,
maybe the jcr primary node type and then also walk up the resource type
If Oak would provide a hook for registering these additional checks then
we "maybe" could do it.



Carsten Ziegeler
Adobe Research Switzerland

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