ES1 is close to end of life in terms of commercial support from Elastic,
but not quite there (  Unfortunately
the ES1 and ES2 clients won't interoperate with their opposite versions.

Given that, I take it you would support having ES1 and ES2 bolts packaged
separately?  This would somewhat like how we have storm-kafka and
storm-kafka-client for different Kafka versions.

Thanks! -Aaron

On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 9:12 AM Bobby Evans <>

> I personally don't use ES as part of my storm work, so I don't necessarily
> feel qualified to answer this.  In general though I really do like to see
> storm come with batteries included.  If ES1 is not end of life, and there
> is a community of people who want to continue using it/supporting it, I
> would say lets continue to do so.  If that is not true, or if ES offers a
> backwards compatible client that could sway things for me to say lets just
> go forward with ES2. - Bobby
>     On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 2:47 PM, Aaron Niskodé-Dossett <
>> wrote:
>  Hi all,
> I started a a discussion about this a while ago, but didn't take it to a
> conclusion (my $realjob, etc., etc.).
> There are multiple PRs open to provide an Elastic Search 2.x bolt to the
> Storm project.  There are two different approaches:
> 1. Add side-by-side support for 2.x. Example:
> (*FULL DISCLOSURE*: this is my
> own PR). [I also have some functionality enhancements in this PR, but
> that's not relevant to this discussion.]
> 2. Upgrade existing bolt. Example,
> The drawback to approach 1 is that it duplicates a lot of code.  The
> drawback to approach 2 is that it drops support for ES 1.x.
> ES 2.X has been out for a while and if we are serious about supporting it,
> we need to have a way to write to ES 2.X.
> I believe approach number 1 is ideal (again, it's my own PR) and possibly
> deprecating the existing 1.X bolt.
> I'd love to hear thoughts from others!

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