Please vote (binding or unbinding) on the following proposal. The vote will
be open until 3pm (Pacific) April 13th.

Proposal: Move master to support minimum Hadoop 3+ (0.10.x line) and create
separate branch for Hadoop 2 (0.9.x line)


   - Tez master branch would support only Hadoop 3+ moving forward

   - As a general policy, Maven dependencies on master are required not to
   have conflicts with the dependencies of the corresponding minimum
   supported Hadoop (the dependency versions can vary between Tez master and
   Hadoop if the versions are advertised as compatible by the dependency

   - As a general policy, dependency conflicts between Tez and Hadoop
   should be resolved by using compatible jars. Shims/Shading could be used on
   a case-by-case basis, but not as a general policy.

   - A separate branch and distribution (e.g. on Maven Central) will be
   created to maintain the 0.9.x line with minumum support for Hadoop 2.7.x

   - Bug fixes would be required to be pushed to both to master and the
   0.9.x line (unless they are specific to one of them)

   - Major feature or performance improvements would be required to be
   pushed to both master and the 0.9.x line (unless they require Hadoop 3+ or
   have dependent library conflicts with Hadoop 2.x, in which case they may be
   pushed only to master)

   - Minor feature or performance improvements can be pushed only to master

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