>> 1) Implement various strategies for chaining multiple parsers against 
>> individual files.  Much of this has been implemented, but what's holding us 
>> up on this one (I think?) is a resettable outputstream.
>I think we need a JIRA for this.  Is there any existing design ideas on how 
>this would be achieved?
Opened TIKA-2084 as subtask of TIKA-1509

> 2) Rich metadata (TIKA-1607)
This is great.  I think we need to ensure we have JIRAs for all the features we 
consider blockers and label them as such.  This looks like there's a lot of 
good discussion.  It also references TIKA-1903 so is that also a Tika 2.0 
TIKA-1903 is not a blocker on 2.0, and may be obviated by TIKA-1607.

>> 1) Get rid of old metadata tags in favor of "new" Dublin core
>Need JIRA?
Sorry, opened a good while ago: TIKA-1974

> If we can't get a date we should at least try to eliminate the ???. I think 
> we need to close down the feature set.
Y, completely agree.

Should we create a tika-2_0-blocker label to differentiate from regular 

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