Marshall Schor commented on UIMA-1524:

2) Yes.  
There's a small note in the wiki diagram which says that all builder methods 
that are "booleans" have two forms:
xxx()  // set the property
xxx(boolean v) // set the property to the passed in value

where the xxx() is chosen to be the one most often wanted / used.

typePriorites is one of these booleans, so, yes, there will also be a 

4) I'm fine with special casing this.  I would not even bother to add the other 
include... unless people wanted it (wait until it's wanted, if at all).

5) re using skip(n) to handle offsets:
Do you mean **in addition** to having positional arg forms?  If so, I'm fine 
with that, but prefer the term "offset".
One reason is that skip(nnn) is already taken - it's an official stream method, 
and requires non-negative arg.

If you mean **in place of positional arg forms**, then I'm slightly against 

6) my question about uimaFIT was only about the iteration direction: if doing a 
select the preceding 3 annotations before myFS, what order is the iteration 
forward or reverse?  I was proposing to do reverse if that's what the majority 
of users seemed to want/expect, but again, I don't really care...  people could 
always add reverse...

7) What I was trying to say, was you could specify a spot, and then an + or - 
offset to get to another spot, and then (independently) iterate from there in 
either direction.
I think it could be confusing if the meaning of offset + or - depended on state 
of reverse.  I'm thinking it's clearer and less subject to mental mistakes if 
offset is always with respect to the underlying index (assumed in the forward 
direction), and reverse just applied to how the iteration goes, once you start 

So in my model the order of the items is fixed.  Reverse make the iteration go 
backwards (toward the front of the order).  Offset is with respect to the basic 
I don't want reverse().reverse() to be a no op - that is to reverse the current 
direction... that seems just asking for trouble in having this be 
We will of course have reverse(boolean) though (see point 2 above).

8) I was thinking that get() would continue to throw an exception if there was 
not exactly one instance.  
get(int arg) would not.  
(trying to have it both ways :-) )

> JFSIndexRepository should be enhanced with new generic methods
> --------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: UIMA-1524
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/UIMA-1524
>             Project: UIMA
>          Issue Type: Improvement
>          Components: Core Java Framework
>    Affects Versions: 2.3
>            Reporter: Joern Kottmann
> Existing methods should be overloaded with an additional Class argument to 
> specify the exact return type. This changes make down casting of returned 
> objects unnecessary. 

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