Am 21.09.2016 um 19:41 schrieb Richard Eckart de Castilho:

- comparing source release vs svn tag - OK

- checking new modules - OK
   - ruta-maven-archetype
   - ruta-ep-parent

- checking POM changes - OK
   - some dltk dependency changes in ruta-ep-textruler, ruta-ep-ide-ui, etc. - 
but all seem to be scope provided

I still wonder sometimes why some of them are required. The projects need to build on command line and in eclipse, and I need to run the plugins from within eclipse - all with the same config. I have to check if there is a reason for the diff in version.

   - no significant dependency changes, skipping looking for new license/notices

- building SVN tag with clean repo - OK

- why is the purpose of this apparently very broad exclude in the rat plugin 
section of the pom in the project root?


I do not remember why I added it, most likely because I had to list really a lot of single entries, and there is not really anything that should be checked. I will remove it, and see if there was a reason.

Stopping here for the moment.

-- Richard


- dependencies in dependencyManagement sections should IMHO not have scopes - 
only versions. I remember having had problems in the past with scopes in 
dependencyManagement when I later wanted to changed it in an actual dependency, 
but I cannot remember the exact details.

I think, I can remove the scope. There was no reason to add it.

- Ruta XML descriptors still seem to have absolute paths in them... I still 
find that odd...

The situation has improved a bit over the years. Better maven support, better classpath support, and now better datapath support. The paths are now optional, but still required in the plain ruta projects due to the working dir on the eclipse installation and because the descriptors should work without any further config, also if something but the launch delegate is used. For me, these projects are only for prototyping or for some minimal testing. Real development is now done in maven projects using the classpath lookup. However, I do not know if I should replace all the example projects by maven projects.



On 01.09.2016, at 13:12, Peter Klügl <peter.klu...@averbis.com> wrote:


the third release candidate of Apache UIMA Ruta v2.5.0 is ready for

Changes rc2 -> rc3:
- UIMA-5091 Ruta: pdf formatting of documentation
- UIMA-5090    Ruta: build warning for ide parser - ResourceLiteral
- UIMA-5089    Ruta: NPE thrown for unresolvable feature if type is not
known yet
- improved release notes: how to update descriptors

Major changes in 2.5.0:

UIMA Ruta Language and Analysis Engine:
- Depends on UIMA 2.9.0 and uimaFIT 2.2.0
- New block FOREACH: iterate over pattern and reuse the matched
annotation in contained rules
- Label expressions across inlined rules are supported, behave like
local variables now
- Feature expressions on label expressions are supported
- Setting values of variables by configuration parameter
- Macros support variables
- New type function: typeFromString
- Wordlist initialization with string expressions: simplified
specification of language-dependent dictionary usage
- New maven archetype for typical UIMA Ruta projects
- Improved and faster maven plugins
- Parameters additionalScripts and additionalEngines are now optional
- Removed engine loader concept and parameter completely
- Removed redundant Document type
- Improved datapath support
- Improved resource manager support
- Many bug fixes and improvements

UIMA Ruta Workbench:
- Improved support of classpath-lookup in maven-based projects
- Launch configuration supports various serialization formats (with
- Bug fixes

Staging repository:

SVN tag:

Update site:

Archive with all sources:

Overall 74 issues have been fixed for this
release (a few duplicates and won't fix).
They can be found in the RELEASE_NOTES.html.

... and here:


Please vote on release:

[ ] +1 OK to release
[ ]  0 Don't care
[ ] -1 Not OK to release, because ...



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