Or maybe even just put a 3.x compatible version of the Struts tools up on
github as an independent fork. Probably easier than talking the Struts devs
into it.

On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 11:10 PM Claude Brisson <cla...@renegat.net.invalid>

> On 20-02-06 16 h 15, Christopher Schultz wrote:
> > 3.0 completely dropped support for Struts, which is a requirement for
> > me, so I don't have any current stake in velocity-tools 3.0. I'm happy
> > to do the work (delete 4 lines of code; document; commit) but I won't
> > have anything to test it with other than the existing unit tests.
> Does it also mean that you are stuck with Velocity 1.7? I'm pretty sure
> that the struts tools could be easily upgraded to work with tools 3.x,
> but they should probably be hosted by the struts project...
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