Ben, do you also want to update the "Applying a patch" section to make it
git specific?

We (committers) should move to a model where authors get proper credit in
git. Our old workflow in svn resulted in only the committer being listed
(except that we listed the patch author in the commit message). We should
move to a model where the author of the patch gets proper credit in git. I
believe we will get that if we use git for patch creation/application?

Chris brought up getting rid of CHANGES.txt recently on the dev list in a
separate thread - Chris do you want to implement that change now that we've
moved to git?


On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 9:01 PM, Benjamin Reed <> wrote:

> > 1) actually in the previous step that was just adding new files. you
>> still
>> > need the commit -a for the rest of the changes. that's my normal
>> workflow.
>> I think that will be confusing for most folks. They typically stage
>> all the changes and then commit or don't stage and use -a.
> do you mind fixing it with your workflow. commit -a doesn't get new files,
> which is why you need to do the add, but i'm not the most sophisticated git
> user, so
>> > 2) i figured since we are using git now that we should use git's
>> default.
>> > the patch should work (by default it seems to strip the first path
>> element).
>> > does it not work for you?
>> >
>> It will fail precommit in it's current state.
> fixed

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