On 12/02/19 20:55, Kinney, Michael D wrote:

> So my question still stands.  What notifications would
> you like to see if we have the use case of a single PR
> with multiple rounds of reviews and a transition from 
> a PR without the 'push' label to a PR with a 'push' label?

Thank you for explaining.

In this case, I think it would be helpful if, whenever another email
notification were sent out about a PR, the subject of that email
contained an auto-generated part that advertized the push label's
presence on the PR, at that time.

OTOH... It's also possible that I'm approaching this wrong. After all,
before we adopted github.com for pushing, a maintainer would just go
ahead and push post-review (with no *automatic* email notification about
the fact), and then we'd expect that maintainer to report back under the
patch review thread ("pushed as commit range ..."), and/or close the BZ
ticket with a similar comment. (And then there would be an
auto-generated bugzilla email about that.)

My point being, maybe I shouldn't even *read* these github.com
notifications at all. I'm not sure if they give me useful information.
(When the PR is ultimately merged, we *still* require the above kind of
closing comment in Bugzilla, from the maintainer -- thus the originally
needed information is still provided, just like before.)

It's just that, *if* I attempt to read the github.com emails, *then*
they confuse me (for example because they don't expose the push label).
If we consider this specific kind of PR that we have adopted for edk2 a
(practically) "maintainer-internal", mechanical, action, then I guess I
might as well want to unsubscribe from those notifications. After all
I'm still subscribed to BZ emails, and I'll see the resultant commit
range noted there (through the comment that the assignee adds manually,
when they close the BZ).

Is it possible for a tianocore group member to "unwatch" PRs?


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