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Matthew Miller <mat...@fedoraproject.org> wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 05:31:31PM -0700, Adam Williamson wrote:
> > > > So, what if we steer end users away from Bugzilla and
> > > > bug-trackers completely² and to Ask Fedora³ instead? The triage
> > > > team could [...]  
> > > But there's no triage team. Adding another layer of indirection
> > > without a dedicated new workforce would likely just divert
> > > resources away from the existing bug fixing process.  
> > And before anyone asks - we've tried to have a triage team several
> > times and it has never really worked so far. It's a hard and
> > relatively  
> Right, so, this is part of the context for my idea above. There
> *isn't* a triage team, but there *is* a community around Ask Fedora,
> and we could build from that. It wouldn't be the same at all as
> previous efforts to "bugzilla-garden"

So, before we start using ask for more things, I'd prefer it be in a
better place from a infrastructure point of view at least. 

Right now ask is running on RHEL6, using an old version of Django and
various other old bits. 

The current plan was to wait until Aurélien gets mailman3/hyperkitty
all reviewed and in EPEL7. Then we can package up the newer askbot and
use the same Django 1.8 that mailman3 uses. 

That said, upstream hasn't had a release in about 1.5 years. 
There's a number of bugs and things that don't work that don't seem to
get much attention from upstream. (twitter integration, mailing daily
digests of questions/answers, etc)

We have been trying to setup a Fedora theme for... well, since we set
it up at first. There is now the latest attempt setup on stg: 

It's also not super clear how active the community is there. I see a
lot of "No answer" questions on the first page at least, so I am not
sure if it would work to try and get them to answer user problems and
file bugs. On the other hand, It doesn't hurt to try and see how it
goes. :) 


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