Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, so my apologies if you
feel that is not the case.

The zabbix package doesn't run on Fedora 24, due to a restriction in the
selinux-policy. This wasn't an issue on earlier versions of Fedora, but
since 24 Zabbix just doesn't work anymore. There is an open bug on this:


Usually the selinux-policy guys pick this up pretty quickly, but maybe
this bug was somehow overlooked. I posted some small updates, apparently
kind of annoyed Volker Fröhlich in the process - which wasn't my
intention by the way. What is the right way to get this bug to the
attention of the selinux-policy guys?

On a side note, I am still puzzled that this package is non-functional
in Fedora. Volker said he couldn't test on all Fedora releases, but is
it not basic Fedora QA policy to at the very least test if a package
actually runs on the current release with default settings?
I suppose such a basic test could even be automated relatively simply.

Kind regards,

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