On Fri, 2016-09-16 at 23:18 +0200, Erik Logtenberg wrote:
> On a side note, I am still puzzled that this package is non-functional
> in Fedora. Volker said he couldn't test on all Fedora releases, but is
> it not basic Fedora QA policy to at the very least test if a package
> actually runs on the current release with default settings?

No. We don't systematically test all packages in the distribution,
there are far too many. Anyone giving positive karma on an update
should at least check it basically worked, but the last zabbix update
was not tested by anyone, it was pushed stable without feedback after
the minimum wait period expired.

> I suppose such a basic test could even be automated relatively simply.

Not...really, no. There are thousands of packages in the distribution.
Not all of them provide something you can 'run', exactly. Of the ones
that do, there is no particular single way you can test if they 'ran
OK'. Humans are good at this. Robots aren't.
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