Erik Logtenberg wrote:
> On a side note, I am still puzzled that this package is non-functional
> in Fedora. Volker said he couldn't test on all Fedora releases, but is
> it not basic Fedora QA policy to at the very least test if a package
> actually runs on the current release with default settings?

We packagers do not have all supported Fedora releases installed. There are 
4 different releases to care about right now: F23, F24, F25 (Branched) and 
Rawhide (F26+). What usually happens is that the maintainer tries the new 
version on the Fedora release he/she is running and then relies on user 
feedback in Bodhi for the others.

The packager also does not necessarily have SELinux enabled on his/her 
system. (In fact, the easiest solution if you are running into selinux-
policy bugs is to just disable the thing.)

And finally, if the old version was already broken (due a bug in another, 
unrelated package), how is the maintainer supposed to test the update (other 
than by disabling SELinux or setting it permissive)? The update is not a 

        Kevin Kofler
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