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> Making personal attacks or calling people names is not acceptable.

Did I call someone name? .. hmm ??

My comment is not about persons but about exact work which has been done by
It refers not to who done thys but HOW it has been done.
What I've wrote is as well not accusation or empty claim but has enough
TECHNICAL justification.
Looking on history of the changes in texlive.spec looks like people
responsible for sending to build systems and signing packages been
tolerating this madness more than half year.
Q: not who accepted this but WHY? Why someone not refused to move more 5k
packages after single build request?

Bad thing happens .. and sometimes disasters happens even because someone
not intentionally done something (which I believe had happen this time).
However someone as well approved results of those texlive changes so
fragmenting texlive to include main Fedora tree. So what I've wrote is not
about exact people but more about failing processes which not blocked to
release so badly done packages.
Packing thousands archive files in single source package should be kind of
first alarm .. but it wasn't!!!
Again: not who done this but WHY? Maybe it was perfect good reason to do
this exactly this way (?) but really I don't see it.
If it is true .. maybe can someone help me to understand intention
packaging texlive like it is now?

If someone personally feels touch by what I've wrote about texlive or
packaging texlive .. really it is not my problem.
I'm only trying to shake this tree .. instead smacking me using political
correctness better would be just start asking (using some kind of analogy)
"how it was possible to climb so high on this unattended tree?"

If it is not obvious that only this kind of "WHY?" questions are bouncing
in my head .. really I've nothing to add than (Latin) "errare humanum est
perseverare autem diabolicum".
Learning process is not possible without making mistakes and this is why it
is not possible to learn about something only by reading about it. I'm as
well fully aware that many people here trying to help on Fedora development
in reality are learning .. and it is nothing bad with this.
I know this because I've started almost 20 years ago trying to build my
first package. I made in the past enough number of times mistakes (not only
on packaging) to learn really a lot things .. and still it is even more
ahead of me.

What we are personally doing when someone spots our mistake says something
about us .. and only us.

So .. don't worry. I'm going patiently sit down and wait until people
maintaining texlive at least few times will try to fix not only this
trigger issue but whole texlive packaging approach :)

Have a good weekend :)

Tomasz Kłoczko | LinkedIn: *http://lnkd.in/FXPWxH <http://lnkd.in/FXPWxH>*
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