On 2016-10-14, 23:03 GMT, Tomasz Kłoczko wrote:
> Probably more than 50% (if not more than 80%) of the TeX live  
> is like this. Most of the resources should be archived and 
> preserved for next generation cyber archeologist however now 
> they should not be served as regular rpm packages because it 
> will make look Fedora stupid ("who is more stupid? someone who 
> is stupid or someone else who follows stupid one?"). 

Aside from calling people names (yes, don't do it!), this is 
obviously a case of SPEC generated by a script. I guess we just 
pull to Fedora whole TeXLive. So,

a) whatever you think about the quality of packages included, 
the morons are not Fedora maintainers, but you have to target 
your ire upstream, OR

b) you should sit down and propose and make TeXLive 
maintainers/users some mechanism how to choose and select only 
relevant package. To know which packages are relevant is however 
quite tricky. I would tend to agree with you that the ones you 
mentioned are probably obsolete, but it is really hard to 
decide. My wife relies desperately on linguex (and its dependend 
packages, e.g. cgloss4e)?  Would you know whether it is relevant 
or not?



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