On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 11:21 AM, Pierre-Yves Chibon <pin...@pingoured.fr> wrote:
> New package and new branch request process
> ------------------------------------------
> PkgDB used to be the place where packagers could request a new branch or a new
> package to be added.
> The new package and branch processes will now rely on a project
> hosted on pagure.io where people can open a ticket to request additions.
> There is a CLI tool for packagers to use: fedrepo-req (already present
> in updates-testing) that opens the ticket for you in
> such a way that these requests can be automatically handled by release
> engineering.
> More information about this tool at: https://pagure.io/fedrepo_req

Are there any plans to potentially create a web interface wrapper
around fedrepo-req, similar to the old pkgdb admin requests interface?
Or perhaps even tear that part out of pkgdb and refactor it to shell
out to fedrepo-req? Being able to submit those requests via the web
was handy and (IMO) once of the nicest parts of pkgdb.

I imagine such an interface would be a very low priority, which is
fine-- I'm sure there are far more important things to work on in the
migration!-- but the lack of one seems like an annoying but small

Ben Rosser
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