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> CC in Bugzilla
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> Pagure over dist-git does not offer issue tracking. Issues for
> packages will continue to be tracked in Bugzilla.  However, if you
> look at the watch options in a project in Pagure over dist-git, you
> will see there is an option to watch issues on the project. This
> mechanism will be used to retrieve the list of packagers to be CC'd on
> Bugzilla tickets.
> Note: there is a ticket open against Pagure to have the list of people
> watching the project available in the UI (it is currently only present
> in the API).
How can a package maintainer add a mailing list pseudo-user to
watachers? I talk about perl-sig pseudo-user forwarding all commits and
bug reports to perl-devel list.

The API can only list watchers. The interractive web interface allows to
become a watcher. It does not allow to make another user a watcher.

Related thing: Since the Pagure overhaul, e-mails about pushed commits
do not contain commit body (the diff). That makes the e-mail
notificition less helpfull for me. I'm more interrested in what changed
than that something changed. Is that a bug a or a feature?

-- Petr
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