On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 4:21 PM, Pierre-Yves Chibon <pin...@pingoured.fr> wrote:
> Good morning everyone,
> We're now in the final sprint before Pagure over dist-git is a real thing. 
> This
> is a great time and we're very excited to see it happen.
> However this change brings other changes with it which are detailed below.
> Point of contact in bugzilla
> ----------------------------
> Pkgdb used to be the place where package points of contact were set and then
> synced to bugzilla.
> With Pagure over dist-git, the main admin of the Pagure project is now the 
> point
> of contact.
> However, this is not always valid. For example, there are cases where the main
> admin in Pagure does not want to be the point of contact for EPEL branches, or
> the point of contact is a group.
> For these cases, we have set up a procedure using a separate Pagure project
> which allows you to override the default point of contact and set it to a
> different Bugzilla account.
> To change the default point of contact, simply open a pull-request (we will
> build some automation around merging these requests so they do not depend on
> human interventions).
> More information at: https://pagure.io/dist-git-requests/
> On this note, Pagure does not support having a group as the main admin.
> We are of course using a script to sync data from pkgdb to pagure for packages
> and set admin access.
> When this script runs on a package with a group as main admin, it will set
> the new main admin to the first account it encounters with commit access that 
> is
> not a group. So if you are suddenly the main admin of a project where you used
> to only be  co-maintainer before, this is likely why. Feel free to correct the
> situation with your fellow co-maintainers.
> CC in Bugzilla
> --------------
> Pagure over dist-git does not offer issue tracking. Issues for packages will
> continue to be tracked in Bugzilla.
> However, if you look at the watch options in a project in Pagure over 
> dist-git,
> you will see there is an option to watch issues on the project. This mechanism
> will be used to retrieve the list of packagers to be CC'd on Bugzilla tickets.
> Note: there is a ticket open against Pagure to have the list of people 
> watching
> the project available in the UI (it is currently only present in the API).
> New package and new branch request process
> ------------------------------------------
> PkgDB used to be the place where packagers could request a new branch or a new
> package to be added.
> The new package and branch processes will now rely on a project
> hosted on pagure.io where people can open a ticket to request additions.
> There is a CLI tool for packagers to use: fedrepo-req (already present
> in updates-testing) that opens the ticket for you in
> such a way that these requests can be automatically handled by release
> engineering.
> More information about this tool at: https://pagure.io/fedrepo_req

What about retiring a package? "fedpkg retire" seems to be broken now.

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