On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 10:50:22AM +0200, Juan Orti Alcaine wrote:
> 2017-08-10 4:52 GMT+02:00 Scott Talbert <s...@techie.net>:
> > Where did your list of 'all python packages' come from?  I fear that there
> > are some missing because wxPython should be in there.
> I also miss pytorctl in the list.

I added it now. It simple and converts w/o issue:

OK, it seems that the list in portingdb is awfully incomplete.

I now tried to build all python-* packages, and have 27 FTBFS. A few
are clearly my fault, files in /usr/share/doc/ under the original
package name. But most are failures in tests or in compilation. That
occurs even for packages which passed the F27 mass rebuild. I'll
investigate that first, before looking for additional packages to add
to the list ;)

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