>>>>> "JJ" == Jakub Jelinek <ja...@redhat.com> writes:

JJ> Well, I'm seeing

So that's the first of the two test suites, which I've seen fail before
but I haven't invested any time into debugging it.  It's completely
unrelated to any of the failures I'm talking about.

You can just remove or comment the line "make check || exit 1" in the
spec to skip that test suite and get down to the one that crashes.

JJ> Does it need networking outside of the mock (i.e. shall I retry with
JJ> --enable-networking)?

There should be no need; it certainly doesn't need networking.  That's
just a cunit-based test suite and outside of a couple of cases where I
was randomly trying things to get better debugging for the unwinder
segfault at hand, I've not had any real problems with it.

Thanks to tmz on IRC I have some independent verification of this (he
gets the same failures) and have a way to reproduce this inside mock
inside a docker container.

 - J<
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