Some more information:

I looked through the Koschei logs for this package and it seemed it
actually started failing before gcc8 went in.  Specifically, the first
failed build was on January 22, and the changes for that run were:

mariadb-devel          3:10.2.12-2.fc28       -> 3:10.2.12-3.fc28
binutils               2.29.1-12.fc28         -> 2.29.1-13.fc28
glibc-common           2.26.9000-46.fc28      -> 2.26.9000-48.fc28
perl-DateTime-TimeZone 2.15-1.fc28            -> 2.16-1.fc28
libxcrypt              4.0.0-0.203.2018012... -> 4.0.0-0.204.2018012...
glibc                  2.26.9000-46.fc28      -> 2.26.9000-48.fc28
netpbm-progs           10.81.00-1.fc28        -> 10.81.00-2.fc28
glibc-devel            2.26.9000-46.fc28      -> 2.26.9000-48.fc28
libxcrypt-devel        4.0.0-0.203.2018012... -> 4.0.0-0.204.2018012...
netpbm                 10.81.00-1.fc28        -> 10.81.00-2.fc28
ca-certificates        2017.2.20-5.fc28       -> 2017.2.20-6.fc28
glibc-headers          2.26.9000-46.fc28      -> 2.26.9000-48.fc28
libnsl                 2.26.9000-46.fc28      -> 2.26.9000-48.fc28
glibc-all-langpacks    2.26.9000-46.fc28      -> 2.26.9000-48.fc28
perl-IO-Socket-SSL     2.052-1.fc28           -> 2.054-1.fc28
redhat-rpm-config      79-1.fc28              -> 84-1.fc28

The glibc and redhat-rpm-config updates are most interesting as the
latter changed the default compiler flags.  Unfortunately the log is no
longer available, nor is any log from any koschei run previous to gcc8

So I have more to investigate, including trying to roll back the
redhat-rpm-config changes.

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