>>>>> "JJ" == Jakub Jelinek <ja...@redhat.com> writes:

JJ> Strangely, --enable-network to mock was really needed so that the
JJ> first testsuite passes.

That's absolutely bizarre.

JJ> I can now get the coredumps, but I'm afraid I really need a way to
JJ> reproduce it under gdb, from the core dump there isn't sufficient
JJ> information available.

And unfortunately I haven't been able to create one.

So, what is this squatter process about,
JJ> with what command line options is it invoked, how does it interact
JJ> with other processes, is it single-threaded?

JJ> What I can see is that the exc passed to _Unwind_Resume points to
JJ> some memory inside of the xapian_dbw_open C++ function's stack frame
JJ> which indeed contains multiple try/catch blocks, even nested ones;
JJ> but I find it strange that _Unwind_Exception objects would be on the
JJ> stack, they should be in malloced objects (at the end of
JJ> __cxa_exception e.g. for C++ exceptions), or come from the emergency
JJ> pool if malloc would fail (unlikely in this case).  The
JJ> _Unwind_Exception contains completely bogus values not just in one
JJ> field, but in all of them.

JJ>     Jakub
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